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Retired Certification Request Form

Version No: 1.0, effective 9/15/2023
Approved by Francine Seskin on 9/13/2023

A currently active certified professional, upon retiring and reaching the age of sixty-five, can be designated as Retired, will no longer be required to pay renewal fees, and will no longer be listed in our directory of actively practicing certified professionals. No further reporting is necessary except to notify the Certification Renewal Director of meeting the age requirement by sending a copy of the retired certified professional's Driver's License.

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If a retired certified professional would like to reverse the certification status from retired to active, the retired professional would need to follow one of the two options to reinstate the certification(s) under the certification reinstatement requirements which would be to submit the $350 instatement fee and renewal credits or complete and pass the certification exam. 

If retiring multiple certifications and would like to reinstate, the reinstatement requirements will be applied to each certification reinstated.

By submitting this form to request retired certification, I agree to AEE’s policy that my certification will become inactive and no longer listed in the AEE Certified Professional’s Directory.  I am also agreeing to AEE’s reinstatement policies if I choose to reactivate my retired certification(s) in the future.    


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